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Appeals Attorney in Cheyenne, WY

An appeals attorney represents clients who want an appellate court to review a trial court’s decision. Often an appellate lawyer is hired because a party is dissatisfied with the outcome of their case. Normally, the dissatisfied party was ruled against and seeks a review of the court’s decision. However, once an appeal has been filed and accepted by the appeals court, both sides often need an attorney to represent their case before the appellate court.

An appeal is different than a trial in several ways. First, there is usually no new evidence presented in the case. Instead, the higher court examines the evidence that was already presented before the trial-level court. The appellate court reviews the transcripts of the court proceedings, the evidence presented in court, and the decisions made by the trial-level court.

Instead of presenting a case mostly orally (the way they would in a trial), an appeals attorney submits a legal brief detailing the facts of the case, the laws involved, and the trial court’s decisions. The appellate court reviews the
brief, conducts an oral hearing, and later decides whether to uphold or overturn the trial court’s rulings.

Because an appeal is different than a trial, appellate attorneys often have additional skills to their trial attorney skills. Generally, they are proficient at researching, writing, applying appellate rules, organization, and oral arguments. Also, they are experienced in presenting facts, laws, and court rulings involved in a courtroom proceeding into a logical argument. There are usually at least two lawyers present before the court during an appeal – one to represent the appellee, and one to represent the respondent. The appeals lawyer will attempt to highlight errors in the proceedings that will lead to overturning the lower court’s decision. On the other hand, the respondent will attempt to demonstrate facts and information that will lead to a decision to uphold the trial-level court.

Ryan Wright has years of experience with appeals and what appellate courts examine when reviewing a case. He also understands how to build a case for an appeal depending on its unique situations. Ryan can help represent a case before a higher court. Additionally, Ryan has the background to review a case and advise whether or not someone should seek an appeal.

With over seven years of experience as a prosecutor, Ryan Wright has conducted numerous trials, courtroom hearings, and appeals. He has worked as a Deputy County Attorney and an Assistant District Attorney at the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office, which is one of the busiest prosecutor offices in Wyoming. While working as a prosecutor, Ryan focused on narcotics and complex felonies and misdemeanors from DUIs to domestic violence.

Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Ryan was in private practice working mainly in the areas of corporate and commercial law in New York. Ryan was raised in Wyoming but received formal education and experience elsewhere, which gave him an enduring appreciation for Wyoming. These experiences give him a different perspective on legal issues that cultivated his practice. Ryan believes that every case is different and what wins a case varies depending on the facts. As a former prosecutor, Ryan brings his substantial courtroom and trial experience to every case to fight for a successful outcome for every client.

Ryan practices in appealscriminal defensefamily lawpersonal injury, and general practice.

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Licensed In Wyoming and New York
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