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Criminal Defense Attorney – Cheyenne, WY

Defense attorneys have a vital role in both criminal and civil law. As the name implies, they defend individuals against allegations and work to ensure their client’s rights are not violated inside or outside the courtroom. With years of both civil and criminal law experience, Ryan Wright is ready to help with your legal defense needs.

Defense lawyers have a wide range of duties – from gaining a deep understanding of their client’s case to knowing small details that can make a difference in an outcome. In a criminal case, this often involves analyzing all reports, interviews, and evidence, as well as understanding the background and facts regarding the incident. It’s also common for a legal defense team to speak with witnesses to gain firsthand information and conduct their own research.

Normally, a prosecutor will offer a defendant a plea deal before taking the matter to trial. While this often involves the defendant pleading guilty to a less serious crime, it’s important to have an attorney who is knowledgeable in criminal law advise the accused during this process. Sometimes a plea deal can be beneficial because of the time and money it saves. Other times, it may be better to proceed to trial. A knowledgeable defense attorney often knows the best option with the least amount of risk versus reward, and provides counsel regarding what to do.

When a criminal case goes to court, a defendant always benefits from an attorney that knows how to handle a criminal case in the courtroom. From voir dire (the process selecting jurors) to questioning and presenting evidence, a knowledgeable defense lawyer helps make sure their client’s rights are upheld in the courtroom.

Ryan has experience in controlled substance cases as well as other areas of criminal defense.

Ryan Wright has over seven years of experience as a prosecutor and has conducted numerous trials and courtroom hearings. As a former Deputy County Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, and Special Assistant United States Attorney, Ryan focused on narcotics and complex felonies and misdemeanors in numerous types of crimes. Ryan’s experience as a prosecutor gives him a unique perspective that allows him to defend clients and provide them with counsel.

Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Ryan was in private practice working in corporate and commercial law in New York. Ryan was raised in Wyoming and received formal education and experience elsewhere, which gave him a deep appreciation for Wyoming. These experiences gave Ryan different perspectives on legal issues in his practice. He believes that every case is different and what wins a case varies depending on the facts.

Ryan practices in appealsbusiness lawcriminal defensefamily lawpersonal injury, and general practice.

Previous Cases

The following are criminal cases that Ryan handled and their results. (Previous results do not guarantee a similar outcome in future cases.)



Failure to Drive Vehicle within a single lane (Misdemeanor), Open Container (Misdemeanor), Minor in Possession of Alcohol (Misdemeanor), Possession of adulterants for Defrauding Drug Test (Misdemeanor), Possession of a controlled Substance – Marijuana (Misdemeanor), DUI – Controlled Substance (Misdemeanor), Burglary – (Felony with up to 10 years imprisonment), Theft – (Felony with up to 10 years imprisonment), Property Destruction (Misdemeanor), False Sweating (Misdemeanor), Aggravated Burglary (Felony with 5 – 25 years imprisonment), Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Burglary (Felony with 5 – 25 years imprisonment), Burglary (Felony with up to 10 years imprisonment), Interference (Misdemeanor)

All counts dismissed except Burglary which was deferred (no conviction) with 2 years of supervised probation, and Interference with 90 days suspended for 1 year of supervised probation run concurrent to deferral probation.


Possession of Marijuana in Plant form (Misdemeanor), Minor in Possession of Alcohol (Misdemeanor), Minor in Possession of Nicotine (Misdemeanor), No Insurance (Misdemeanor), and Speeding (Misdemeanor) – All charges dismissed except for Possession of Marijuana which was deferred with 6 month of unsupervised probation


Possession of Marijuana in Plant form (Felony) (approximately 24 lbs), Possession of Marijuana in with Intent to Deliver (Felony), Possession of Oxycodone (Felony), and Possession of Benzodiazepines (Felony) – All counts dismissed except for Possession of Marijuana which was deferred for 18 months of supervised probation.


Possession of Marijuna with Intent to Deliver (Felony) and Possession of Marijuana (Felony) (Approx. 41 lbs of marijuana) – All Charges Dismissed with Prejudice

Possession of Controlled substances (approx. 2 lbs) (Felony) – Marijuana – Deferred with 1 year of unsupervised probation.

Possession of Controlled Substance (approx. 10 lbs of Marijuana) (Felony), and Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver Marijuana (Felony)
Reduced Misdemeanor and Deferred with 1 year of unsupervised probation.

Possession of Marijuana plant form (Felony) and Possession of Marijuana Wax (Felony) – Reduced to Misdemeanors with fines and costs only

Domestic Battery (Misdemeanor) – Dismissed



DUI and Careless Driving (Misdemeanors) – Evidence suppressed in DUI and DUI dismissed (No conviction), fine only on Careless Driving

Possession of Controlled substances (Misdemeanor) – Marijuana – Dismissed without prejudice

DUI (Misdemeanor), Failure to Report Accident (Misdemeanor) – DUI Deferred and fine only on Failure to Report.

Burglary (Felony), Theft (Misdemeanor), Receiving Stolen Property (Misdemeanor) – Dismissed

Speeding (Misdemeanor) 103 in 70 mph zone – Conviction overturned. Appellate Court ordered conviction reversed, remanded with order for acquittal.


Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) (Misdemeanor) – Dismissed (No conviction)

Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor) – Deferred (No conviction)

DUI – Youthful Offender and Illegal Parking (Misdemeanors) – DUI Deferred (No conviction) Fine only on the Illegal Parking.

DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane (Misdemeanors) – Evidence suppressed in DUI and case dismissed (No conviction), fine only on Failure to Maintain Lane

Burglary and Theft (Felonies) – Burglary dismissed (No conviction), Theft (3 – 5 years imposed) concurrent to another sentence with 883 days credit toward sentence.

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Licensed In Wyoming and New York
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