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Family Law Attorney – Cheyenne, WY

Family law encompasses a wide area of legal matters. Often, people seek a family lawyer for one or multiple legal issues from a divorce to adoption and beyond. A family law attorney can represent you in court proceedings or in negotiations outside the courtroom. They can also draft and review important documents related to family issues, such as property settlement agreements, petitions for divorce, or visitation agreements.

Some of the main reasons why you may need a family law attorney include:

Divorce – One of the most common and well-known reasons for hiring a family law attorney. We can help you navigate the process, including child spousal, division of property, and more.

High Asset Divorces – In a High Asset Divorce, couples with substantial wealth and assets undergo a particularly challenging legal process to dissolve their marriage. This often involves intricate negotiations and assessments of properties, investments, businesses, and other valuable holdings. We have many years of experience assisting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) facing such divorces to navigate the complexities and ensure equitable outcomes.

Child Support and Custody – These agreements can take place during initial divorce or paternity proceedings, but can be revisited later. Often, modifications occur later when a party’s financial situation changes.

Paternity – Normally, paternity is filed by the mother in order to obtain financial support from an absent father. However, sometimes a father will file for paternity in order to be allowed a relationship with his child. Regardless, we can help either parent with their paternity matter.

Adoption – This process can be long and complicated and can change because of laws, the age of the child, where they are from, and other issues. We work with you in order to navigate the process from start to finish.

Grandparent’s Rights and Visitations – Often, grandparents do not know that they also have rights when it comes to visiting and establishing a relationship with their grandchild. We assist parents and grandparents with issues pertaining to the grandparents’ relationship with their grandchildren.


Ryan Wright has over seven years of experience as a prosecutor and has conducted numerous trials and courtroom hearings. As a former Deputy County Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, and Special Assistant United States Attorney, Ryan focused on narcotics and complex felonies and misdemeanors in numerous types of crimes. Ryan’s experience as a prosecutor gives him a unique perspective that allows him to defend clients and provide them with counsel.

Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Ryan was in private practice working in corporate and commercial law in New York. Ryan was raised in Wyoming and received formal education and experience elsewhere, which gave him a deep appreciation for Wyoming. These experiences gave Ryan different perspectives on legal issues in his practice. He believes that every case is different and what wins a case varies depending on the facts.

Ryan practices in appeals, business law, criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and general practice.

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Licensed In Wyoming and New York
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