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Business Law Attorney Cheyenne Wyoming

Business law is exactly what it sounds like: it encompasses every legal aspect of running a business. Business lawyers are generally skilled in a wide variety of areas, including:


  • Business formation – This involves ensuring that you correctly set up your business under the appropriate legal entity. A business lawyer can assist with drafting and filing all the formation documents and whether to file as an LLC, S-Corp, or another legal entity.


  • Business Disputes and Breach of Contracts – Most businesses will eventually have some type of claim brought against them, or at least be involved in a dispute. This can include sexual harassment, disability, wrongful termination, contract dispute, or general disagreement. A business attorney can help with these matters. More importantly, lawyers can also help prevent disputes by assisting in establishing procedures before something happens.


  • Mergers and acquisitions – Mergers and acquisitions can be both exciting and stressful because of the opportunities and complexities involved. A business attorney can help with negotiations, documentation, timelines, and due diligence. It’s vital for the parties to understand what each other needs and how to successfully complete the agreement, as well as protect themselves.


  • Contracts – Contracts are vital to all businesses, which is why it’s essential that they’re well-written and cover all your legal bases. A business lawyer can help create the necessary contracts to ensure that things run smoothly. They can also help with resolving breaches of contract and any disputes that may arise.


  • General Counsel – Often, businesses need legal representation for everyday legal matters, both simple and complex. A general business attorney is often referred to as general counsel. Put simply, general business attorneys handle general business legal issues and work with business owners and executives. A business lawyer can help streamline business operations because their work allows those involved in running the business to fully focus on it while the attorney handles any legal issues.

In business, it’s better to be prepared. That’s why we recommend enlisting the help of a business lawyer from the beginning. If you have a question about whether or not you need legal counsel, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Ryan Wright has over seven years of experience as a prosecutor and conducted numerous trials and courtroom hearings. He has worked as a Deputy County Attorney and an Assistant District Attorney at the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office, one of the busiest prosecutor offices in Wyoming. While working as a prosecutor, Ryan focused on narcotics and complex felonies and misdemeanors from DUI to domestic violence. Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Ryan was in private practice working mainly in the areas of corporate and commercial law in New York.

Ryan also has experience in representing other lawyers in front of the Wyoming Bar in helping resolve complaints and disputes. He believes the rights of everyone are important, and this extends to his fellow attorneys. 

Ryan was raised in Wyoming but received formal education and experience elsewhere, which gave him an enduring appreciation for Wyoming and what the state has to offer. These experiences gave him different perspectives on legal issues that have cultivated his practice. Ryan believes that every case is different and what wins a case varies depending on the facts. As a former prosecutor, Ryan brings his substantial courtroom and trial experience to every case to fight for a successful outcome for every client.

Ryan practices in appealsbusiness lawcriminal defensefamily lawpersonal injury, and general practice.

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Licensed In Wyoming and New York
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